In The Beginning

Welcome to my New Blog!

Yep.. I’m doing the blog thing again. If you are reading this first post, then I sincerely thank you for being here.


What will my new blog be about?

BIRMINGHAM! That will be the main focus of my new site. It will probably take up about 65-70% of the content. I am going to try and post as often as I can with food and restaurant reviews, things that are new to the city, my thoughts on news stories and what’s going on, and much more.

The next 20% or so will be about my travel and experiences within the state of Alabama. The remaining 10-15% of my posts will be about lifestyle topics, travel outside of Alabama, maybe some Uber related stories, and some photography posts thrown in here and there. I will also be starting a second blog soon to talk about business, marketing, etc. That will be used to promote social media and digital consulting which I will be getting into more by the end of the year.

One more thing.. I would love for you to head over and like my new Facebook Page, and gimme a follow on Instagram @JimmyRooney. I will be sharing some photos and updates over there that won’t necessarily show up on the blog.

Thank you so much, and please be sure to sign up for my newsletter!!


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